Looking for Auction Items

NSNC 2015 — Indianapolis

Groucho: I’ll show you how to make some real money. I’m gonna hold an auction in a little while at Cocoanut Manor. You know what an auction is, don’t you?

Chico: Sure. I come over from Italy on the Atlantic Auction.

Groucho: (pause) Let’s go ahead as if nothing happened. I said we’re having an auction at Cocoanut Manor, and when the crowd gathers around, I want you to mingle with them. Don’t pick their pockets, just mingle with them —

Chico: I’ll find time for both.

— The Cocoanuts, 1929

Attention NSNC: We want you …

To donate goods and services to the NSNC Education Foundation’s Silent Auction!

If you’ve ever attended a National Society of Newspaper Columnists conference, you know one of the highlights of the weekend is the annual silent auction. Naturally, Indianapolis will be no different. But before we can bid, we need your stuff!

Past items include: autographed books by NSNC members, custom jewelry, gift baskets, conference T-shirts or other journalism memorabilia, and in one of the most unusual and generous donations in NSNC history, board Secretary Wayne Chan offered a week at his family’s rustic vacation home outside Vancouver. While we would love some higher end items like this, we will gladly accept anything in good condition that you think would be of value to the other attendees.

Please note: You do not need to attend the conference in order to donate (although we would love to have you).  If you can’t make it, think of your donation as you being there in spirit!

As always, proceeds from the auction benefit the Jeff Zaslow College Columnist Award, which was renamed for The Wall Street Journal columnist, bestselling author and former NSNC board member after his tragic death in a car accident in 2012.

The auction helps provide scholarships to outstanding student newspaper columnists who write for U.S. college or university undergraduate newspapers. Please contact NSNC Vice President Tracy Beckerman if you can donate goods or services for this worthwhile educational cause.

The silent auction will take place during most of the June 25-28 Indianapolis conference with items displayed in or near the main meeting room with corresponding bid sheets.

In general, auction items will have a $1 starting bid and $1 increments, but some items may have different bounds. These will be noted on each bid sheet. We welcome your bid suggestions for the items you donate.

Thanks so much for contributing to this extremely worthwhile part of the conference!


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