Education Foundation Holds Meeting

The NSNC Educational Foundation held their annual meeting Sunday, Oct 30, 2011 in the NSNC Chat Room with a quorum present. This board now begins the second year of their 2-year term, as appointed in 2010 by NSNC President Samantha Bennett and affirmed by current President Ben Pollock, per the bylaws.

Financial records were provided to the group prior to the meeting, and the treasurer’s report was accepted.

The board acknowledged the 2011 student scholarship winner, Jocelyn Rousey of Boston College, who received a $1000 scholarship from the organization and attended the Detroit Conference as a guest of the society. President Casto suggested that future announcements for the scholarship contest state that winners are added to the College Columnists Hall of Fame, which is posted on the NSNC website..

The board also informally requested that the organizers of the Macon Conference reinstate a formal auction on behalf of the Education Foundation, a popular activity held at prior conferences to help raise funds for student scholarships.

The board expressed gratitude to former NSNC President Samantha Bennett for her generous donation to the foundation in September, 2010, a memorial tribute in memory of her mother.


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